(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, dedicated to those and myself who yearn to never have a “commonplace” life.)

Have you ever seen rain pouring uphill?

Have you ever seen someone reject love?

Even in darkness, deepest gloom, I still

seek the possible: Who is He Above?

You tell me your life is just swell right now.

Well, wow, well, gee, well nice, well okay, well….

Know I’m jealous that you rise and I bow.

You rain up, I rain down; you-quiet, me-yell.

With God, I’ve heard all things are possible.

That means I can love you right where you are.

And you can love me when improbable.

But, with God, Love is Plausible By Far.

What is likely to happen is God’s Grace.

My life will not, never be commonplace.

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