I tell you this much. God has a very interesting way of delivering things to me. I had just finished this sonnet by God when a friend of mine sent me a text that correlated with the sonnet.

I don’t desire to have enemies, I hope all of you know that. So, I know I might get flack for this, but please know that I am trying to align my heart with God’s Heart in the same breath as His Word: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12)

All that said, the text had to do with supporting St. Jude Research Hospital. I, in my best fashion of compassion, explained that in all honesty, I could not support St. Jude Research Hospital as they test on animals. It is my understanding that they test on mice and rats bred specifically for research, but in my very best understanding, I see a life as a life, and I also understand that Psalm 36:6(b) states, “You care about (revere) both people and animals, O Lord.”

“Are you serious, Timothy? You’re actually saying that a rat’s life is more important than a human’s life????” Is that what I’m saying? I guess it is, and I guess the sonnet I just wrote tells the tail (tale) better than I ever could:


(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret, dedicated to the dead rat Blue found in the backyard this morning)

I sit next to a dead rat, second glance.

I swear I feel him or her in my feels.

He or she wanted life, like me; a chance

to dance, to be equipped for what life deals.

Have you ever seen a rat take their life?

I tried. I failed. A sweet rat does live to

tell a tail, oops, a tale, of the gray strife.

We say the rat must go. We trap with glue.

I always got something to say for rats:

“Look, I know we carry diseases; pest!

But I just want to live like you. Dang cats!

Life’s hard, you know? Leave me be, I suggest?”

So, next time you see a rat, can you think?

“Leave be!!!!” God agrees. Empathy wink.

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