(Jehovah God’s Sonnet Psalm by Timothy J. Verret, all about “the rest of resting”)

Can we be still and know that He is God?

Can we rest just for today and do nothing?

We go and go and do and do; no plod.

“Feet, don’t fail me now!” If just one blessed wing?

We got responsibilities, I know.

We got to keep up with the busy Jones.

But what about our duty to “peace sow?”

To slow the heck down and put down those phones?

I pray, but I don’t stay quiet to hear Him.

I got an issue (one?) with fear He’s gone,

left the building, while I cut, sever, trim

branches, twigs, veins; I got that going on.

You must think I’m silly for claiming, “CALM.”

But I’m just like David: I plead a PSALM.

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