(God’s Sonnet by Timothy J. Verret for those, like me, who struggle with making ALL things about His Glory and not theirs [mine])

It is the pleasure that I seek from you.
It is you who I bow down to; red knees.
“C’mon, tell me I’m great! C’mon, get through
to me! I bet a dollar you don’t!” Please?

We want it all, don’t we? The icing cake.
We want a “buzz” ’cause we ain’t got too much
to go on. We got fear, though; don’t mistake.
When it’s too quiet and still, we squirm and such.

Join me as I step out in love and faith.
Let’s check off the list those things He cares not.
“Start from ‘sane scratch,’ My children,” He saith.
“Glorify ME! But you want the ‘lightspot.'”

I’m praying you read this and you praise me.
But praise Him instead; this I gotta see

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